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Christian Scholl

  • Christian Scholl

Christian Scholl is a post-doctoral research fellow and coordinator of the urb@exp research project at the ICIS of Maastricht University. His research interests revolve around urban social movements and participatory democracy.

Combined with a broad theoretical interest in political and democratic theories, urban and social movement studies, his expertise focuses on transnationalization processes, global and climate justice, social movements, participatory forms of governance, and social control in urban contexts. In his previous research, he examined urban dynamics and spatial aspects of anti-globalization protests in Europe and new forms of urban control. During his Marie-Curie funded post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Louvain, his research turned to the climate justice movement and its (dis-)continuities with the anti-globalization movement.

In the Urb@Exp research project, he currently focuses on new forms of participatory urban governance and sustainable urban development.

You can find more information on Christian Scholl's ICIS page.

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